New Perfume Obsession: G of the Sea by Harajuku Lovers

So, if you were wondering what side I take in the current Mermaids versus Vampires debate, here’s your answer. Maybe it’s just because it’s so nice and warm out, maybe it’s because I spent so many summers swimming, maybe it’s just that I’ve realized I greatly appreciate men with suntans, but mermaids have won for me.

And you know, the new limited edition fragrance from Harajuku lovers is definitely helping to sway me towards the “mermaid” side of things.

Called “G of the Sea,” the bottle features an adorable rendering of Gwen Stefani as a mermaid. So of course, with something that awesome going for it, I had to hope the scent would live up to my expectations (I’ve had a mixed history with the HL line).

The scent is AMAZING. It’s a fresh, floral scent that also includes notes of citrus. It smells like a day at the beach. And for ME to purposely wear something described as “floral?” You better BELIEVE it’s great.

Have any of you guys tried it yet? Do you have any feelings you want to share? Aren’t mermaids awesome?