Kreayshawn: Legit or a Creation?

As both a music lover and a native East Bay Arean, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends hitting the local music scene.

I went to high school around the corner from the Pack, the group that Lil B aka The BasedGod used to be a part of, and my best friend went to school with E-40’s son. It’s pretty clear that hip-hop has a dominating hand in East Bay music.

Lately, East Bay artists have been gaining attention for – to put it bluntly – the weird shit they’re releasing in the post-hyphy era. The hyphy movement rekindled the East Bay’s popularity in the greater scheme of contemporary hip-hop and solidified the area’s spot on the map, but now that it’s dying down, we’re left wondering where Bay Area hip hop will go next.

To continue the stream-of-consciousness-style rhymes that the BasedGod popularized with his invention of “Based Music”, up-and-coming rapper/music video producer/Kat Stacks-supporter/etc/etc/etc Kreayshawn speaks what’s on her mind in her recently-released music video for her track “Gucci Gucci”:

This video hit the Internet last week HARD. It spread around social networks like wildfire, so I’m sure a lot of you have seen it before reading this post.

But Kreayshawn’s music in the bigger and more established context of Bay Area hip hop leaves me skeptical. Lil B’s influence on the scene has been undeniable over the past year, but Kreayshawn’s style might be crossing the line of believability.

I’m not saying one way or another, but I couldn’t help but instantly think of my favorite South African performance artists while listening Kreayshawn’s portrayal of Bay Area hardships in her raps.

However, she has the support and backing of fellow East Bay rappers (Lil B included), and people who know her say she’s legit.

Either way, she’s got HELLA swag, I like what she’s doing, and I’m going to keep an eye on this one.

You decide: Is she for real, or is it all an act?