The Darkness 2 Preview

The Darkness was one of those games you remember, a cult classic you could say. Now The Darkness 2 by 2K Games is set to hit stores by the holiday season, and available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Now, The Darkness 2 takes place two year after the original game, where Jackie Estacado is now the Don of his crime family but is still haunted by visions of his lost love, Jenny. According to Sheldon Carter of Digital Extremes “Jackie sees Jenny everywhere,” in The Darkness 2. Estacado remains powerfully possessed by the evil Darkness this time around and it is the source of his tremendous power.

The Darkness are demonic like creatures that are on either side of the screen. The cool thing is that you have full control over them in The Darkness 2, the left one is for grabbing and the right is for slicing.

The coolest part about this game is the way it looks. The graphics are not only amazing, but also look and feel like a comic book. They actually created a new genera in gaming graphics called “high contrast, graphic novel noir”. This new style is unique to video games and gives the game a hand painted look that is so mesmerizing. This is probably because, according to Sheldon Carter of Digital Extremes, all textures in The Darkness 2 are hand-painted!

Oh and did I mention that Marc Silvestri, owner of Top Cow productions and co-creator of The Darkness comic was there… 😉

Have you played The Darkness?

Are you excited for The Darkness 2?