Britney Spears @ Billboard Music Awards Blog [+ UPDATE]

9:00 AM PST: Britney is performing twice at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas today!

This super-post will update all the action as it’s happening, but since the show has yet to begin, let’s start by hyping things up

Check out this rumored pic of Britney and Rihanna rehearsing!

BRITNEY’s dancers in Vegas?

Via @ratedreid on Twitter!

It’s happening, guys! GODNEY BILLBOARDNEY

How much sweet are Sean and JJ in this pic?

Another rumored pic:

Yes, they are:

Oh Lordy, I can’t wait! *w*

UPDATE – 5:00 PM PST: Britney Tweeted:


I like it, like it…. -Britney

UPDATE – 5:10 PM PST: Check out a video of Britney and Rihanna’s performance opening up the Billboard awards!

UPDATE – 5:40 PM PST: Check out pictures of Britney at the Billboard awards in the photo gallery:



UPDATE 7:30 PM PST: Britney Tweeted about her performance with Nicki Minaj, saying:


@NickiMinaj This shit is gonna FRRRRYYYYYY -Britney

UPDATE 7:55 PM PST: Here’s her short but sweet Till The World Ends performance featuring Nicki Minaj:


Britney you rocked the night, thank you so much for all the emotions, I had butterflies and I almost cried to see you performe! Thanks to exist my fairy!

What do you think about Britney’s performances?! Do you like her outfits?!