Album Equation: Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Codes & Keys’

Anytime the boys of Death Cab For Cutie get together, you can’t help but get excited. With the success of Ben Gibbard’s The Postal Service and the amazing guitar work of Chris Walla, one only has to recall their previous body work and hope with anticiption that their newest album follows suit.

If that is what you are hoping for, you are in for a pleasant surprise. While this new album isn’t a drastic departure from their previous sounds, it is an album that has matured in it’s rich layers while hanging on the hinge of Gibbard’s thought provoking lyrics.

I have come up with this handy album equation to describe Codes and Keys (which I heard here – streaming on NPR). Are you excite?

So. We have the following:

This album is very tranquil. It’s like sitting in a swing on a winter’s day and it makes you just want to chill out and think about things.

DCFC has all of these interesting little sounds going on in this album that add that little jolt that you need here and there to keep you from falling into the depths of your own mind.

Like with everything that is Death Cab for Cutie, listening to this is basically like giving yourself a hug.

Thumbnail image: Death Cab For Cutie press photos