Warped Tour Finally Gets With the Program, Will Offer Price Cuts for Water and More

At the 2010 Warped Tour in Pittsburgh, PA, the tempture soared into the triple digits as we gathered in a mostly-shadeless venue. And in that heat, we rocked out.

And paid $4.50 per bottle for water.

There’s been complaints for years, not just in Pittsburgh but at all Warped Venues, about the price of water. Warped’s defense has been “most venues allow you to bring a bottle of water along.” The problem being that many of those venues don’t allow you to keep the cap on your bottle of water, meaning you pretty much have to drink it as soon as you get into the show (one year in Pittsburgh you had to dump your bottle of water into a plastic cup before they’d let you in, which sort of defeated the purpose of bringing a bottle).

But last year things got serious. On August 2nd, at the Bonner Springs tour date, a 26-year-old passed out and then died. The cause of death is still listed as “unknown,” but since the first report it was suspected that the day’s heat and dehydration may have played a part. The Bonner Springs venue did feature refillable water stations for attendees which are a permanent fixture.

HOWEVER, a lot of fans online began to point out that many venues DON’T have that luxury and that Warped needed to do more to combat the rising cost of water at venues, as well as the cost of food. So, for 2011, Warped is introducing several new measures.

  • The price for water will now be $3. No matter what venue you are at.
  • Every Warped date will feature refill stations for water bottles, meaning fans will no longer have to purchase multiple bottles (or stand under misting/hose stations to refill their bottles).
  • Fans will be able to pre-pay for meals. They will be able to pay $8.50 before hand to buy food from Warped, meaning all money they bring along can be used for merch.

Warped Tour, it is GREAT to see you taking these actions in order to make the tour more enjoyable in 2011.

Now. Um. Can we just talk about the line-up….?