Tarja’s blog #7 – Tour Report pt.2

April 6th, 2011

Tour Report Part II

I didn’t know what to expect from Lima, Peru since I had never been there. The organizers and all the people helping us showed us that they really cared, so we felt we were in good hands.

The concert happened in a beautiful, old theatre with seats and the show was sold out. Lovely atmosphere and many happy people rocking with us!

I got so amazing presents from my fans that I got into trouble many times during the rest of the tour.

Mainly because I was carrying “Roxanne” with me… Everybody was laughing and I got lot of attention at the airports!

Also the food in Peru was really delicious. Specially ceviche!

Note for my fans: I know that the photo is not ceviche

We got to see the historic centre of Lima and without seeing that place; I would not be able to tell that I’ve been in Lima. It was just stunning to see the old buildings and colourful houses.

Also what was overwhelming was the Huaca Pucllana Lima’s culture area where we got to understand how the ancestors had lived.

Next to Bolivia!

The arrival to La Paz airport was quite exciting. There were hundreds of fans waiting for us to come out. Luckily nobody got hurt as the fans were running beside our van. The security needed to work quite harsh!

The fans were following us to the city of La Paz in several vans and their journey looked pretty scary at times. Anyway, we all had a great fun with them.

It was not easy for us to cope with the radical altitude change though. Everybody of us felt dizzy and a bit sick immediately after our arrival. We landed to the highest capital of the world around 4000 m above sea level.

Even speaking made you tired and there was a weird feeling of loss of oxygen attacking you right away. I had to have the oxygen prepared, closed by during the concert and I figured out very soon, there was no way I could handle singing without it.

When I had to keep singing the long lines, I tell you, it was really hard. Somehow I anyway managed, so did everybody else. The fans were very excited and happy to have us in their country.

It was a brand new experience to all of us. Maybe next time we will visit the city of Santa Cruz where the altitude is not an issue!

After Bolivia we headed to Chile. Funny though, while walking the streets of Santiago de Chile, everybody felt that was almost able to run a marathon after being in La Paz.

We had sun welcoming us to Chile and I met my Winterstorm fan club people at the hotel when we arrived. They gave me again beautiful gifts

I was very happy about the show in Santiago, because everything went well thanks to the people in charge that I had known for more than 10 years. I was happy to return. I think it was a really good show and the Chileans showed us their best. Looking forward for the next time guys!

The flight from Santiago took us to Buenos Aires. How grateful I was to relax for few days in my own haven. I was just sooooo damn happy to be alive and back at home.

Very early in the morning of the next show day, we took a bus from Buenos Aires to Rosario.

I had no time to see the city of Rosario, so I have to wait for the next time. The concert happened in one of the most beautiful theatres I had ever performed in. This theatre is a national treasure for the Argentineans, so I am very honoured that they accepted me to perform there. I have been told that it was the first time ever that a rock concert was held there. The place was packed, completely sold out and we had fun with the local people. The theatre definitely gave a special atmosphere for the concert. I hope one day I will give a classical concert in the same hall. Dreaming!

I had been waiting for this moment for some time, to be able to step on the stage of the famous Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires. And it finally happened! J Of course I was nervous before the show because of the size of the venue and the amount of people screaming, but also because it was going to be my “home” audience in front of me this time.

I loved the opportunity to rock my people! And let me tell you, I was not the only one in the band who loved it. I had to burst into tears at the end of it because I just couldn’t handle the emotions! My country by adoption, my city.

Next time Buenos Aires will see me in a classical concert, hopefully.

Next day, we took the ferry to beautiful Montevideo, Uruguay.

I was very tired still from the night before so I slept almost the whole trip. First time in Uruguay for a performance! Exciting! I have been in Montevideo before, but never I have experienced the local rock audience. What I can say is that this was the best ending for the tour. The venue was completely packed and it was extremely hot and humid inside during the show.

People were really going for it, shouting and singing all the time and we enjoyed rocking with them. It was truly a pleasure to visit Uruguay and to see that rock is definitely not dead over there!

The tour ended and everybody spread to their own place. Some people stayed in Buenos Aires for holidays, others left for other engagements. I want to thank everybody involved on this tour. For me this tour was very important and it showed that there is a lot of love around.

I am already starting to think what’s ahead of me. In the next few weeks a new tour will start. This time in Europe. See you soon in Russia my friends.

With love, Tarja