Sassy Festival Style Tips From Hardcore Punkers OFF!

Ah, summer music festivals. A time for great bands, road trips, overpriced food, sunburns, dehydration, parking melt-downs, and of course all the American Apparel you can shake a stick at. OFF! is playing day 3 of Coachella this year on Sunday April 17th, so we asked them for some of their chic expertise.

(photo: Dan Monick)

OFF! is a hardcore punk super group made up of Keith Morris from Circle Jerks and Black Flag, Dimitri Coats from Burning Brides, Steven Shane McDonald from Redd Kross, and Mario Rubalcaba from Rocket From The Crypt. Their formation in late 2009 caused an entire generation of punk rockers’ hearts to swell with joy. Their first four EPs were recently released as a 7 inch box set entitled (creatively) First Four EPs and featured artwork from Raymond Pettibon. It’s out on Vice Records and you can purchase it on Amazon and you can check out more from the band on their Myspace page.

Here are their sassy style tips:

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BN: What is a “onesie”?

OFF!: Three of us in the band are dads so to us a onesie is a a tiny one-piece baby outfit with snaps for easy diaper changing access. They make fun gifts because you can find Black Sabbath, Beatles, Ramones, or My Dad Rocks printed on the front.

BN: What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

OFF!: Clowns. They all suck.

BN: What’s the best outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

OFF!: Painted-on outfits on hot girls.

BN: Is it ok for men to wear flip-flops? OFF!: You can get away with Doc Marten flip flops out in public if it’s hot enough. If you’re poolside or at the beach most flip flops are usually forgiven.

BN: Do you have any style tips for your fans? OFF!: Don’t try so hard to be hard. Your fresh evil tattoos, long hair, beard, and cut-off jean jacket with Venom and Mayhem patches are a dead giveaway that you were emo a couple years ago.