Remember the day: Tokio Hotel live in Rome

Today it’s exactly the first anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s Humanoid City Tour live in Rome. Last year I wanted to do two dates here in Italy, one in the north of Italy and one in south, because I knew the show had to be the best of Tokio Hotel and it has been a really shame to haven’t done also a date in Europe, in Wien. But I already said to my parents that I will do for their next tour 😉

So, Rome’s day has been a little bit different to Padova one, I was with my friend Antonella, her parents and her bro, and her cousin Anna with her parents and bro… they live near Naples so the distance is a little bit more respect Trieste-Padova (well, my dad promised me to be in Padova in 2 hours and so it’s been xD)… by the way… the weather wasn’t so good and I thought it could be rain, but in the end the sun was really up in the sky and it was so hot. We arrived around 11:30pm, and I was really scared about all the crowd could to be there and also the bad organization, because I reminded about TH’s in Rome, 2 years before @ Cappanelle Ippodromo and the crowd was damn huge and crazy that organization hasn’t been able to control them, they controlled only a couple of tickets and crowd entered in hippodrome just like horses, a really disaster, and also TH wanted to cancel the concert because the day before some fans did a totally caos during reharsals… so I was really scared that the thing could happens again, but it wasn’t, luckily… tickets were divided in sectors so who had parterre tickets had their entrance and who had tribune had own and the organization was so good and they made sit down the impatience crowd and so I can say I didn’t wait 17 hours up as a horse XD A lot of girls said me I was just like Bill because I had his same red Scottish pattern trousers and also because I said to them I have a lot of his same stuff and they were so jealous xD

Time passed more quickly than Padova, because I found a couple of girls and I talked to them for to kill the time and finally at 7pm, if I remember right, they opened the arena and I entered. The arena was completely different than Padova ones, it was more high so finally I could to see flames on stage and it wasn’t a giant arena (mine here in Trieste is more big than this one) but it was with another structure, better than the other one, and my front row was damn better and I was extremely happy to be there and I couldn’t wait a minute more for to see them again after only 2 weeks, it was a dream! And finally the show started and the metallic egg was whole (in Padova it was only half) and all seemed to be amazing just to the first seconds and of course my tears started to fall down my face for the happiness to be there after such after a few of time than time before.

Bill looked at me a lot of times, I remember the first one, during Pain on love, he looked at me straight in my eyes, oh damn I was diying but he gazed from me almost immediately, but then he returned to look me and this time it’s been for more time *o* then during In your shadow (I can shine), he sung me just these words looking me in the eyes and also during Love & Death, dedicating me the words “i can give you, you can give me, something, everything” *w* and a lot of other times during the concert. I won’t to be boring XD

Tom has been damn funny, he throw me his water and it’s been a pleasure because I was dying to hot xD and he did this a couple of time (Georg too) and one time he was so bitchy, he started to drink then he looked us and we were waiting for his water but he started to drink again hahaha xD my brother in law, he made me smile also in this occasion hahah love him!

When Gustav came on stage and did the wave, I knew that only a couple of minutes separated me to the end of another fantastic adventures with my four angels, and during Forever Now my tears were more than my screaming sing and in the end I fall down and I started to cry as a mad, I know maybe some people thought that I was totally crazy but they don’t know what they mean for me, they don’t know how much important they are for me, they don’t know Tokio Hotel saved my life a couple of times and without them I couldn’t to be here now and share all the moments with them with all of you and with all the people I know, so really, I didn’t give a damn what they were thinking about me in that moment, I called my mom and I was in tears and my mom listening me too and she was so happy for me, she was so happy Bill looked at me a lot of times and all the things happened in those 2 hours.

This is another experience I will take forever in my heart and everytime I talk about it my heart beats everytime faster than before.

I’m really proud to love and follow this band, I’ll never change my idea about them: they are my oxygen!

Those are a couple of pics I shot during the concert, I hope you like them: