Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Favorite ‘Ships?

‘Ships. I suppose before we start this QOTD I need to clue those of you that don’t know in on what SHIPS are. Ships are basically romantic relationships that come from certain fandoms. Then, we have OTP’s, which stands for ONE TRUE PAIRING. You know, like how birds MATE FOR LIFE and stuff. It’s your SHIP that is like, your romantic mothership. NERDS.


This photo is by: ArtistKendra. I wanted to find you a proper ship but we can get to that in a minute. I just wanted to highlight ArtistKendra for a second because she is Buzznet’s ANIME queen and she is mostly bad ass at drawing. Her profile is private and if you can’t see it, that sucks for you. That is all. Let us proceed.

Ok so.. SHIPS. I’m not against ships but this is why I am bringing this up. I was hanging out on MarkWatches (God bless his heart) and we were talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not the stupid M. NightWhateverThatFailBoatDudesNameIs version, but the Nicktoon version (UGH ITS SOOO GOOD) and someone brought up ZUTARA.

Zutara Love

A brief explaination on ZUTARA. That name is a mash up of Prince Zuko (mostly the bad guy in Avatar) and Katara (Southern Water Tribe, friend of Aang – The Last Airbender). What people have done in this fandom is create ALL KINDS OF SHIPS and OMG HEDASPLODE.

I get SHIPS. I really do. Something about ships on AtLA just URKED me to no end. I mostly just wanted AtLAB to be this cute story about these kids that did all this bad ass “bending” (lolbendingjkjk) and had these totally cool adventures. There are undertones throughout the show of ships and that’s cool but I kind of just wanted to leave it at that. Or, when things get blatant on the show, awesome, whatever, don’t currrr. I just didn’t want to see the rest of them because I wanted this show to just remain bad ass in my mind without all the shipping.

If you want to ship, knock yourself out. Handle ur scandal. It’s your life. I don’t HATE ships, I just don’t like them in AtLAB because I really don’t want to see images of CHILDREN making out. I will say this, however: I AM TOTALLY DOWN FOR SOME APPA/MOMO SHIPPING (GROSS, RIGHT? BUT ITS FUNNY).

/rantSo, back to the QOTD: Do you have any favorite ships?