Willow Smith Saves the World in “21st Century Girl” (Psst: the idea isn’t THAT far-fetched!)

Willow Smith’s new video for “21st Century Girl” shows Willow and a group of other girls using their power to completely change the world they live in. I gotta admit, it’s pretty cool.

From Willow’s Wonder Woman-like origins (in the comics, Wonder Woman was created when her mother molded her out of clay and she was given life by the Greek Gods) to the images of girls working to change the world they live in without needing boys to help? Yeah, kind of loving the whole idea.

And it’s TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE, too. Well, not the “pulling something out of nothing” idea, but the idea that girls can change or save the world. If you want more information on that, I’m URGING you to check out The Girl Effect, an organization that helps girls in developing countries to stay in school, to obtain loans in order to buy live stock and start businesses and end cycle of poverty.