‘WE WANT DRUGS, WE WANT DRUGS, WE WANT DRUGS’ – Alternative Press Tour Hits San Diego

The Alternative Press tour is currently in full swing and I got to attend the 7th date of the tour last night in San Diego, CA. With the diverse lineup featuring Conditions, Versaemerge, I See Stars, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows aka DRUGS and headliner Black Veil Brides, I figured it would be an interesting night of music.

As I walked into the venue, Versaemerge opening track began to play & the crowd swoons in to get an inch closer to the band. “Where are all my vultures at?” singer Sierra Kusterbeck screams into the microphone. The crowd went absoultely wild and made it known that in fact Versaemerges vultures were in attendance! Versaemerge is a MUST see band if you haven’t heard of them already, not only do they sound amazing on record but on a KILLER live show as well!

Oh Hey Sierra, nice Jac Vanek T-shirt

Guitarist Blake shreddddddinnnggg!

Next up was the band I See Stars, a band at which I’ve never heard their music or seen them live. But man, they had a huge fan base getting down to their music at the San Diego show. Just by the crowd alone, I was very impressed with I See Stars and felt like I have been missing out on all the buzz of this band. “This is the AP f**cking tour!!!!” screams the singer right before ending the set with “What This Means To Me”. I See Stars is the perfect mix of singing and screaming without over doing it.

After the set I walked around to check out the different booths throughout the venue. Alternative Press has a booth where you can sign up for a FREE subscribtion to the magazine for an entire year! MusicSkins also has a booth set up where they are selling AMAZING covers for cellphones, ipods, computers and even ipads. Jesse, who works the booth, is super awesome!! Be sure to stop by and say hello to him if you plan on going to the show! All of the band’s are also selling some sweet new swagger that you won’t want to miss out on!

The MusicSkins crew!!

DRUGS AP tour shirt! Love the colors!

Before the next band even came to stage the whole entire crowd was chanting


By that alone it was no surprise Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows was the most anticipated band of the night. “I will never forget this show San Diego” singer Craig Owens expresses over the microphone after only ONE song. San Diego, CA just so happens to be the hometown to DRUGS guitarist Nick Martin. Craig even brought Nick’s mom on stage to dedicate a song to her and said “This song is about being a human being that exists” It was obvious that the band and crowd were both high off each others energy, which lead to an amazing set.

Last up for the night was the most interesting band of the tour, Black Veil Brides! After all I heard about this band, seeing them live was a really cool thing to experience. Since I didn’t grow up in the glam metal 80s, witnessing a band similar to that style was something really exciting to see! From the black paint all over their bodies, the studded pants/vests and the gang vocals, I actually really enjoyed it! Definitely stick around to check them out, even if it’s for a song!

If the Alternative Press tour is stopping by your city, I highly reccomend going to the show! A diverse lineup, rad merchandise and a free subscribtion to AP’s magazine for an ENTIRE YEAR, what more can you ask for?

Which band on the AP tour are you dying to see?