Natalie Portman: The Sexiest Woman On Earth

Playboy magazine drafted a chart of the sexiest women on earth. This time the woman who conquered all and made it to the top of the list is the beautiful Natalie Portman. Followed by Hope Dworaczyk, a 2010 playmate as well as sensual actress and singer Sophie Monk.

The magazine hasn’t been lenient with Megan Fox (penultimate place) and Scarlett Johannson (last place). Whom do you prefer?

2011 will absolutely be Natalie Portman’s year, who won an Oscar for ‘Black Swan’ as well as many other awards, not the last one being for ‘the sexiest woman on earth.’

She’s the most desired, among other women whose beauty stays timeless. She ousted beauties like Pamela Anderson (19th place), Angelina Jolie (21st place), Megan Fox (26th place) and Scarlett Johannson (27th place). While Jennifer Lopez was listed in the 12th spot, Michelle Willams was 14th and Beyonce came in 16th place. <br><br>

They are all beautiful! Do you think Natalie should have come in first place?<br><br>