Dr. Luke Leaks His ‘Kiss’ With Britney Spears

With all the leaks coming from Britney Spears’ forthcoming album, which drops at the end of this month, it’s a wonder if the public will care anymore, having heard practically all the songs!

Earlier this week, Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am. released a clip of a collaboration he did with Brit entitled “Big Fat Bass” and previously producer Dr. Luke did the same with three tracks he did with her (“Inside Out,” “How I Roll,” and “I Wanna Go”). And the leaks keep on coming: the good ol’ doc now leaks a 4th track called “Seal It With A Kiss.”

Check out the 25-second clip below:

Seal It With A Kiss Snippet by drluke

Usually the clips come with some sort of comment by the producer, but the link to the Soundcloud clip just appeared on Dr. Luke’s Twitter timeline.

According to the tags on Soundcloud, the track is produced by Max Martin (who also produced Brit’s “I Wanna Go”).

The teaser comes on the heels of a sneak peek at Britney’s gorgeous cover on a new issue of V magazine.

What do you think of the track? Are you digging the Britney leaks or are you over it?