Daily Music Dose: Nujabes

Nujabes. If I had any facial hair on my chin, I would probably be caressing them inbetwixt mine thumb and middle fingers while trying to think of a way to describe his sound to you.

Nujabes is cooler than a penguin in a snowstorm. Wait. Nujabes is more chill than a penguin in a snowstorm that’s having an Icee that’s sitting in the lap of a snowman that’s on top of an ice block. Are you picking up what I am putting down?

It’s kind of like this:

See? Penguin. On ice. Then, once you start listening to Nujabes, you shed the horrible version of you and you are all like, how did Madonna say…. “Shiny and new.” Like so:


Times (other than any) when it is perfect for listening to Nujabes:

1. While soaking in a bubble bath with tea whatever candles floating around you.2. While eating outside cafes that look like that one Van Gogh painting. 3. While viewing a montage of your life that seems like it would fit in those fast parts of Amelie, when she’s zipping around the city and stuff. 4. While you are cleaning house on a Sunday in an over-sized sports jersey, left behind by your ex (and you’re throwing all their stuff out and you feel really good about it).

Nujabes is super chill mode, all the time.

In his short career, Nujabes produced quite a large and impressive body of work. Sadly, he passed away in Feb 2010. His legacy will live on through his music. Definitely check it out!