Daily Music Dose: Adele

Adele is, quite frankly, one hell of a songstress. Her voice is absolutely incredible. Having recently released her second album 21, Adele finds herself at the top of the Billboard 200 for a second week. In 2010, she was nominated for a Grammy for her song:

Adele’s voice reminds me of a great ocean. A great expanse of ever increasing depth lay at your feet. The gentle wave of her voice lures you deeper into this sea, ever so slowly. Before you know it, are passed the point of treading water. You are fully immersed in her sound, your feet dangling perilously above a chasm of emotion.

Adele is not afraid to admit that The Spice Girls were one of the groups that inspired her in her youth. She has a myriad of influences, one of which is The Cure. On 21, she covered “Lovesong:”

Adele is currently on tour in support of her latest effort. Definitely check her out if you get the chance.

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