Buzznet Interview The Cast of MTV Skins: Britne Oldford AKA Cadie

You’ve probably seen the billboards, the commercials, and the bus benches. The UK’s hit teen soap opera Skins is on Monday nights at 10 on MTV, with an American cast, a few new characters, and the good old gritty teen drama we know and love from the original series. Much like it did overseas, the series will tackle those darker topics, like dysfunctional families, mental illness, sexual identity, sex, substance abuse, and death.

And while the sex and language have been toned down quite a bit for 10pm basic cable, this isn’t Gossip Girl, kids. These are regular kids: kids from working class families, kids you can relate to more than the Blairs Waldorfs and Chuck Basses of the world – kids with real teen problems. Sure, the storylines can be tough to stomach at times, but so can being a teenager.

Buzznet: Your character seems like a bit of a wild card, a little out there. What’s it like playing a character that’s so unpredictable and out of the norm?

Britne Oldford: Thanks! It’s been incredible. It’s such a challenge but I thrive on that so it’s been pretty incredible.

BN: Would you say that you’re similar to her in real life?

BO: Not necessarily but, I would definitely say that I can be quite solitary. I mean, I enjoy the time that I spend by myself creating new things, finding music, that sort of thing. So in that sense, we are similar, but otherwise not really.

BN: Would you say that there is a character on the show that you relate to most closely?

BO: I don’t know. In a way I relate to all of the characters. There’s something relatable with everyone. I guess I might say Daisy just because I can be quite motherly especially with friends of mine.

BN: Would you say there is a character that is least like you, that’s furthest removed from your own personality?

BO: Not necessarily, no. I definitely do have traces of all of them. I know other people who are exactly like Chris or just like Michelle. I guess my opposite would be Michelle though.

BN: Jesse mentioned that in terms of wardrobe you get to collaborate with the wardrobe department on what you wear. Did you enjoy that part of the process, having input into what your character wears on the show?

BO: Definitely! I thought that was really cool and I was surprised that the wardrobe department came to us and was like “Hey, so we’re all going to go out with you and shop for your character!” It was really exciting because we were given so much responsibility which was daunting at first but at the same time not many people our age are given this opportunity. That was really awesome and I’m very grateful that they wanted us to have a say.

BN: When you were choosing the clothing for Cadie, did you choose based on your own personal style or more of a projection of what you thought Cadie might wear?

BO: Definitely a projection of what I thought Cadie might wear. I mean, after being on the show and wearing crazy clothes all the time I’ve definitely begun to experiment a lot more. When it comes down to it, I’m a skinny jeans and graphic t-shirt kind of gal. My combat boots are my life. But I definitely have few items Cadie would wear in my wardrobe now!

BN: I know that you guys had a whirlwind kind of process when you were getting to know each other in the beginning, you were all living together. Do you have any funny stories about settling in with each other?

BO: We all got to know each other really quickly and we all really jived which was fantastic because with a project like this, if there was one person who didn’t get along with everybody else or if we were all at odds with one another then it would be pretty difficult to fabricate those relationships. I can’t recall any funny stories though. We were just really giddy. I was like jumping off the walls, listening to music. Oh and Jess and Ron rapped all the time! Or tried to rap. It’s hilarious, it’s something everyone should see at least once!

BN: I think they both mentioned they were huge Eminem fans so that isn’t surprising! I heard you mention in an interview that you’re very into music. Are there any particular bands or musicians you’re into these days?

BO: Man, that is a difficult question! I’m into a lot of different types of music. Pretty much everything from blue grass to jazz to dub step to metal to indie experimental and progressive. One band I think that everyone should check out would be Tune-Yards. Actually I saw a show the other night with this Montreal band called Braids. They were absolutely incredible! They sound a bit like the Dirty Projectors and the lead vocalist has such a unique voice. She’s really cool and it was ridiculous. I bought their CD that night! I think people should definitely check them out.

BN: What’s the best live show that you’ve ever seen?

BO: I really haven’t been to that many, surprisingly. But that will change! I don’t really have a favorite. But dub step shows are always really cool. There are a lot of really funky people there and the vibe is awesome. So as long as people are dancing, it’s a good time.

BN: So I know some of you have never acted before, for the rest of you, this was probably your first big acting situation. Who is an actor whose career you admire or would like to emulate?

BO: I love Keira Knightley. She’s had a really versatile career which I really admire. Johnny Depp, not because he is a god and beautiful, but because he’s had such an interesting ride. He’s done so many different types of movies. When you hear Johnny Depp you think of his huge blockbusters but I’ve seen a lot of his movies. Cry Baby is one of my favorites. He’s just done so much. I admire artists who really take risks and aren’t afraid to do smaller movies and obscure, abstract things. It would be really cool if my career neared that.


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