Best of Marilyn

This afternoon I did a walk around the city with my parents and I bought this amazing Marilyn’s box set with four of their most famous movies: “Gentlemen prefer blondes”; “How to marry a millionaire”; “The seven year itch” and “Some like it hot” (that I saw it yesterday at the university and I’ve been really glad to watch it)

I’ve always loved Marilyn Monroe, an icon for me. I’ve always admired her and is a really tragedy how she died, but how I always say: legends and myths aren’t for this world, and God recalls them too much soon…

I think she has a particular beauty, the typical of that time and I’ve always tought my grandma seemed a little bit to her, and with a sort of destiny in common, also my grandma died when she was a little bit more than 40… and then I think beauties like Marilyn and the others of that times aren’t the same beauty of today… in ’50-’60 the beauty was a concept really different than today, and this is a fact that i’ve always loved

Anyone else loves Marilyn like me and have seen her movies? What’s your fav?