The art of the portraits

I’ve always loved draw and create portraits of people: celebs and not, a couple of weeks ago, in a El Rich’s QOTD where he asked for what we are reminds… I wrote people sometimes reminds of me about my draw ability, over all in portraits… so I decided to do this blog with my fav portraits I did in those years, I hope you like it 😉

MY FIRST PORTRAIT, made on October 2008

2 Portraits I did for my sweet Hanna Beth, one of them (with Ivey) is fixed on the wall of her room, I’m really really happy!!!

Hanna’s room with my portrait:

Audrey’s portrait (it’s not finished yet)

Bill’s portraits

I made this one below for Virginia’s b-day (my sponsor at confirmation), last year:

Tom’s portraits

I made this one below, for my friend Celine’s bday:

Tokio Hotel’s portrait

Bill & Tom’s portrait

Alessandra Amoroso’s portrait (this is the last I did, finished a hour ago)


If someone of you would have a special portrait by me, write below a comment with the pic you would turn into a portrait.