On the cold, rainy evening of February 25th, I made my way to Pendulum‘s sold out show at the Wiltern in L.A. I wasn’t terribly familiar with the band, despite having given their album a few spins (my impression = really good video game music)–but when I got to the venue, the line to get in-even an hour after doors had opened-was wrapped around the building. Could a couple thousand people be wrong?

“The night is what you make it–the more you give us, the more we’re gonna give you back!” shouted the MC–who I might also note is a GREAT jumper. Seriously, the man got air.

And the audience gave them plenty. To put it not so politely, everyone was basically losing their sh*t.

Essential elements:

  • Commands to Jump, scream, dance and collectively shout F*CK YEAH
  • A shaking balcony
  • People dressed like they were at a rave
  • Dancing

Let me show you:

I don’t need to be a fan of a band to understand their connection to their fans, nor do I need to be a fan to understand when a band is really, really good at what they do.

But I will tell you I was completely out of my element. Like fish out of water, flopping on the beach having a near anxiety attack AWKWARD. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t dance and I only ever listen to electro-rock type music when I am working out.

So Pendulum, if we ever meet again, it will most likely be in a gym.

All you DJ-loving club kids? Party on.

Check out the band on their official site.