Look What Washed Up On The Jersey Shore: GIFS!

I suppose I should start this off by saying that I have never had my brain tainted by the joy that is “Jersey Shore.” That’s what Yasi is here for. She sits through Jersey Shore and values it for the deep, anthropological treasure trove that it is.

Click this link to read about Yasi’s love of Jersey Shore.

Anypoop, as I was on the Tumblrs today, looking for something to share with you, I “somehow” ended up looking at blogs with guys that had no shirts on and tattoos and stuff. That’s kind of my “thing.” Then, I saw this gif:

The first thing I thought was “O NOETRY. Someone’s making fun of Shooki. She couldn’t have said that, right?” I had to cross reference with Yasi and sure enough, Snooki uttered those words like some prophet dropping forbidden knowledge on us mortals.

I had to find where this gif came from. Off to the land of Google search I went. I was shortly thereafter taken to a page full of things like this:

And this:

SO. Upon scouring through many archives of JS gifs, I have come to the conclusion that one of the following things always happens during an episode of The Jersey Shore:

Cardio. The boys have to stay in shape.

Clubbin’. Even though the strobe lights look like some bad Quincenera in a backyard somewhere, the party gods would be displeased if some club going did not transpire.

Fights. Some crazy drama is always going down.

Boozin’ of some sort. Liver disease be damned.

I want to show you the “other” thing that happens in this show but I’m trying to keep things PG13.

Feel free to post your fave memories of all things Jersey Shore (like the guys with their shirts off OMG I’M CREEPY) in the comments. Now that I am doing losing minutes on my life that I can never get back, did I miss anything?