Grammy Craze: The Best Covers of ‘Song of the Year’

There is something about most pop music that rubs me the wrong way. A lot of it is formulaic, over-produced, and completely devoid of any sense of genuine emotion. Something happens when most artists forefeit their souls for contracts and if you are really listening, you can hear it.

My feelings aside, I am not saying that many artists didn’t bust their humps to get where they are. I mean, who wouldn’t give a little to have the opportunity to be a “star” with one of your well developed talents?

As well all know, The Grammy’s are coming. Since I was pretty much out of touch with anything that was up for an award this year, I decided to do some digging in an attempt to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

Upon looking at the nominees for Record of the Year, the first name that struck me was Lady Antebellum. Who or what was this? What an awesome name. I wanted this person to be bedecked in gears and old tyme clothing but alas, they were not. They were nominated for their album Need You Now.

You can check out the song of the same name here.

The real reason why I am here is for THE COVERS of this song. At first, I was thinking about digging up something horrible to ruin your lives but that isn’t as fun. Instead, here is an amazing cover of the song by two really cute people:

There’s something about the rawness of this cover that I cannot put into words. They can really sing, though! I wish I could sing. Heck, I wish I could play the damn piano like this dude but I can’t because I am a horrible person. What did you think of this cover?

Cee Lo Green’s F**K You has been everywhere. Today is the first time I have heard this because yes, I prefer to live in my Fortress of Solitude and never listen to anything new. Anyway, this song has dirty words and it displeases me so.

Check out the original here.

Here is a cover that adds some extra campy good times back into this song:

I LIKE THEIR HATS. Oh and they didn’t say the F word. I have an aversion to swearing and I don’t even know why.

Empire State of Mind is kind of like the updated version LiL Kim’s Lighter’s Up but all pretty and inspirtational and stuff. The first time I heard I heard this song, I was all “HAY I LU’ ME SOME ALISHA KEYS HAY!!” because I really do. GURL IS FLAWLESS.

Check out the original here.

Here is a cover by DaViglio:

HOLY. SHIT. Yes, a swear word is appropriate every now and then. Let’s say you stub your big toe on a raised piece of metal as you are being chased by your big sister around the house because you took her Depeche Mode cassette and she wants it back. Let’s say that your big toe is all of your preconceived notions of everything and that the raised piece of metal is these two folk with their guitar/vocals. Yeah. It’s appropriate to swear.

Let’s take a peek at the Best Collaboration W/Vocals. All I am going to say is “Lady Gaga” so that you can totally be all “OMG LADY GAGA IS AWESUMZ!”

Lady G is up for an award for her song “Telephone” with my gurl Mizz Beyonce. Check out the original here.

For the cover, I didn’t have to stray too far. Since Forever has a Buzznet. They also do an amazing Lady Gaga cover:

Let’s Make A Sandwich!

So now that we’ve seen some covers of songs up for Grammys, which of these did you like? Who do you think is going to win what?

Also, be sure to check out Buzznet for a whole bunch of Grammy’s coverage. TTFN!