‘Glee’ Regionals Episode: It’s To DIE For!

As Glee heads toward their much-anticipated “Regionals” episode, anxiously awaiting viewers are going crazy over some big spoilers. Here’s another one to add to the mix: SOMEONE ON GLEE IS GOING TO DIE.

Yes, you read that right: a New Directions glee club member, a Dalton Warbler, a McKinley High student or staff member, a parent are all possible victims waiting to get the ax come the Regionals ep.

According to sources, the tragedy will be taking place right before the big New Directions/Warblers/Aural Intensity showdown. TV Line’s Michael Aussiello dishes, “Rumor has it someone will sing their swan song just prior to the big competish. And to say the tragedy has a significant impact on the long-awaited event is big freakin’ understatement.”

YIKES! Sad face.

So who will croak: New Directions hunk Sam, the uber sweet Warbler Blaine, Schuester ex Terri, Uncle Jesse – er, Emma’s dentist hubby, Kurt’s dad… Sue Sylvester (doubtful!)?

Who do you think will be singing their last note on the show?