The Fashion Flu Sets In

Skirt: Virgo, Shirt: Tokyolux, Hairband: Made by me, Bear Bag: Mine from when I was younger, Shoes: Lita, Jacket: Squaresville, Necklace: DIY Teen Vogue, Bone Earrings: Tokyolux

By the last day of WWD Magic I felt the fashion flu creeping up. I only was able to stay a few hours before the grueling 5 hour drive back to Los Angeles. We went to little Thai town on the way home and got curry tofu and rice to hold us over. I had fun in Vegas but it feels nice to be home. Im spending the remainder of the week catching up on work and emails. I met a lot of really rad people at the show …. and some not so nice ones… can’t have your cake and eat it too. I learned a lot and found the perfect sourcing to take Tokyolus to the next level. Looking forward to the next show in August! Time for takeout and designing in bed.