Has Bill Kaulitz the same fashion taste of Korean Fashionista?

Hallo! Hello! It’s time to talk about Fashion!! As you know, Tokio Hotel was in Tokyo, the heart of Fashion in East Asia! And Bill loves Tokyo! Since he arrived in Tokyo, he gave us a stunning fashion style, from the Spirit hood hat, marching band hat, spiderman legging, and genuine lightbulb mohawk (JAWDROP on this one,LOL), but that’s what fashionista do, always find a new style sometime comes up with a crazy idea that normal people would never do! And in east asia (Japan and Korea especially) Bill is not the only man that loves fashion so much, in fact Bill is still “NORMAL”. And I found some interesting pics of Korean Fashionista (KPOP and Hallyu stars are VERY fashionable) that have the same taste like Bill!

Check this out:

Bill with Burberry Prorsum in “Durch die nacht mit… Bill Kaulitz” (December 7th, 2010)

Won Bin (famous Korean model and actor) with Burberry Prorsum A/W – July 2010. He’s the spokesman of Burberry in Asia
Taeyang (famous r’n’b Korean singer, member of BigBang KPOP band)
Bill in HUMANOID shooting – August 2009
Narsha (Korean singer) in his music video “Mamma mia” in 2010
Bill’s band hat in Koda Kumi Radio – February 2011
Afterschool (Korean female band) during the promotion of her song “Bang” in summer 2010
Bill @ Narita Aitport in December 2010
G-Dragon (famous Korean fashionista, and rapper in Korea and Japan) @ Narita Airport
Bill’s jacket during Sukkiri show – February 2011
G-Dragon’s jacket during a variety in September 2010