‘Mark Reads’ Has Permanently Moved!

If you are coming here because of Google, recommendation, or for any other reason, this project (and all future projects) have permanently moved to TWO new sites:

Mark Reads

Mark Watches

As of the day I am writing this, I have begun Mark Reads The Hunger Games and next week, I will start Mark Watches Firefly. And simultaneous to this, I will also be re-reading the Harry Potter series, doing liveblogs for A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, and read the other miscellaneous HP books I missed!

Please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks accordingly. There will be nothing more beyond this final entry added to this profile.

Thank you for the support! Do not worry about your comments or the many reviews here, as they are staying put. Just make sure to browse through either site for info on how to register and other such things.

Again, thank you all! It’s been a wonderful ride. Join me for the future!

EDIT: I don’t know why Buzznet thought it was a good idea to HIDE THIS JOURNAL and mark it private, but it’s back. I do not work or write for Buzznet anymore and now own two sites where I am still reviewing The Hunger Games and am also working my way through Doctor Who. Please join me.

I will not be posting anything else here.