Madonna in tour with GLEE

Glee and more Glee! News on this tv show don’t stop to arrive!

The tv show created by Ryan Murphy dedicated a whole episode, called “The Power of Madonna” (and it’s been recorded also a cd with the same title) to the big star Madonna.

In this episode the members of Glee Club performed on the most famous songs of the singer: “4 Minutes” sung by Kurt and Mercedes in Cheerios style, the mashup “Borderline/Open Your Heart” sung by Rachel and Finn and the memorable “Like A Virgin” where the characters of Emma, Will, Rachel, Jesse, Finn and Santana sing and masterfully play the lyrics!

Seems Madonna has been glad and thrilled about this episode and she wanted exchange.

Probably, she will take with her a couple of characters of Glee cast in her worldwide tour! The stars she considered are Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith)

Fans aren’t satisfied. Madonna can’t leave at home an artist as Chris Colfer (he plays the role of Kurt), winner of Golden Globe 2011!