Chris Colfer’s Acceptance Speech at the Golden Globes Is What Makes The World A Better Place

So, I’ll admit it: I watch Glee. I don’t particularly LIKE Glee, and when I watch on Hulu I find myself skipping through parts of it, but I watch it. I like to claim it’s because Darren Criss of A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel is on it and because I truly love Jane Lynch.

But I’m coming clean. I’ve gotta say, I ADORE Chris Colfer.

Then again, the man seems to be on a mission to make people love him and make the world a better place. And he proved that YET AGAIN with both his reaction to winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and his acceptance speech.

Congratulations to Chris Colfer and to all of the other winners last night. And make sure to check out Buzznet’s other offerings relating to the Golden Globe awards including, you guessed it, a break down of the night’s best and worst fashion.