Britney Spears’ 30 Most Outrageous Outfits

She’s always been the most sexiest female of the world music, she’s an amazing singer and a fashion icon. For me she’s the Goddess!

Those are her 30 most outrageous outfits:

Britney Spears initiated her fashion career with the iconic naughty school-girl number from the 1999 video, “…Baby One More Time.” The song cemented the teenager from Louisiana as a mega-popstar.

Brit was no newbie to childhood celebdom after her brief stint on the Mickey Mouse Club. When she appeared on the carpet for the 1999 Teen Choice Awards, her persona was pretty in pink

Pretty Pink swung to sexy as the success of the ‘Baby’ video took off. Britney cut her bangs, got rid of her jean skirts and introduced the belly-shirt as a staple in her wardrobe.

At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Britney wore a shear, embellished bodysuit at her stage rehearsals for the Grammy Awards- a fundamental item during all succeeding tours for Spears

On the 2000 Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards, Spears aligned herself with the likes of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe with a white gown and muff combo. Madonna famously attended the Grammy Awards with Michael Jackson in 1991, wearing an almost identical outfit.

During the 2000 Grammy show performance Britney wore a pastel prom dress with foliage in gauze. Although the dress screamed pop-princess, it was a jumble of mesh, sequins and an always unfortunate turtleneck.

Britney has always had a propensity for cowboy boots, I think a floral sundress, neon pink cowboy hat, and dirty cream boots are an unusal combination, but really brightly and orginilar. Here she was at Today Show in 2000.

This nude bodysuit (D&G) became one of Britney’s most celebrated fashion choices. At the 2000 VMAS, Britney’s conservative black suit was ripped-off halfway through the performance revealing this flesh-colored number and killer dance routine.

At the 2000 Billboard Music Awards, Britney chose to dress like a pimp from the 1970’s. The psychedelic color scheme of this coat and fuzzy-hat combo was definitely noticeable!

Spears admitted that she was dating *NSYNC member Justin Timberlake in 2000, prompting a slew of matching red carpet appearances together. Wearing a tight gown of randomly assembled jean-parts, Spears looks like a cowboy debutant at the 2001 American Music Awards.

At the 2001 Superbowl, Spears performed with Aerosmith wearing an assortment of semi-athletic items: a softball tube-sock, pseudo football pants, and an Aerosmith belly-shirt. This is the Britney we love to see: washboard out, hair bedroom’d up.

At the 2001 VMAS Britney performed her single “I’m a Slave 4 U” fully outfitted with a caravan of semi-circus folk and an albino snake. Her belly-dancing bikini was undeniably flattering, it was one of her sexiest performances ever!

The 2002 VMAS became one of Brit’s biggest fashion moments. Britney arrived on the red carpet in this full-out dominatrix number. This was an assortment of leather, Spartacus heels and lace. She will whip you…softly?

Although velor jumpsuits were quite the LA craze in the early 00s, we shudder when remembering them. Britney shops solo in Calypso on Valentine’s Day in 2003. She’s so stylish also in jumpsuit.

At the 2003 MTV Bash, Spears shows her fashion passion in this outfits. The touch more memorable: Roy Lichtenfeld’s iconic pop-art portraits in legging-form.

Britney # MTV VMA 2003 in this sexy white short dress, for celebrate Madonna’s hit “Like A Virgin”. Pearls, lace, corset, accessories and boots are a perfect mix for that evening remembered with the kiss with Madonna during the opening of the event.
At the NFL Kickoff in 2003, Britney wears shrunken P.E shorts with a halter crop-top. Her body looks fabulous, but she might have been mistaken as a boot-camp instructor.
At the 14th Annual Glamour Women of the Year awards in 2003, Britney makes an attempt at vintage Hollywood with this LBD, gloves and British-royalty headgear.

Spears performs on TRL’s ‘Brand Spanking New’ in chaps and a seemingly revelatory crop-top. Really good tons of brown, blue and violet for this performance on November 2003 in Times Square, the hat is something to copy!

Something similar to a Wonder Woman, Spears performs at the American Music Awards in a space-age bustier and pleather boy-shorts. The thigh-highs and the metallic don’t pass unnoticed.

In one of Britney’s more flattering looks, the singer arrives at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards wearing a nude mini-dress with sheer black lace. Her accessories are sparse- only Kevin interferes with the outfit.
During the TRL awards in 2003, Brit wear this amazing outfits: knit top sweater and long flax white skirt. This ‘Blue Lagoon’ look is the most comfortable Britney has seemed in her clothes.
Spears is fully pregnant in the summer of 2005 at the ‘Charlie and Chocolate Factory’ premiere in Los Angeles. Spears is peppy about the pregnancy (her shirt say “I have the golden ticket”, with an arrow pointing to her stomach) and i think silk browny skirt is a great contrast. The shoes are simply fantastic, like the hairstyle.

Just over a year later, Spears is once again pregnant with her second child at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. Black long hair makes contrast with the light old pink dress and the high heels, she seems a doll.

2007 was the year of the infamous Britney Breakdown. From shaving her head to making odd friends (Paris Hilton?) to losing custody of her children, Britney was in a catastrophic state after her breakup with Kevin Federline. In an attempt to re-socialize, Brit hits South Beach in May wearing a black bikini and chaotic cover-up with heels.

At the 2007 VMAS Britney makes a comeback. Even though the host Sarah Silvermann offended her children and Gimme More coreography has been changed at the last minute for inability of PALMS structure to hold the stage for the original Britney’s performance, Britney performed (with a heel broke) in a sequined black bikini and boots.

Brit appears at the 2008 VMAS wearing a surprisingly tasteful silver dress. The neckline and length is flattering on her body; the dress combined with minimal amount of accessories is more elegant than usual.

During her 2009 ‘Circus’ tour, Britney wore a variety of circus-inspired, ring-leader outfits. The cut of the unisuit is cute, the sequin-illusion of pasties and underwear makes Brit look like a cabaret artist.

If Los Angeles really is that warm, Brit used to wear winter boots with mini jorts and a crop-top, and from that time a lot of people started to copy this combination.

Britney’s most recent look at the 2010 Grammy Awards took bodysuit + lace and studs shoes all firmed Dolce & Gabbana.