Beautiful Soul

This is a pic of my grandmother (the mother of my dad) I’ve always loved her even though I’ve never known her, she died when my dad was 2 years old. I’ve always thought of her as a diva, she was really beautiful like an actress. I don’t know when this pic was shot exactly, I think in 40s/50s My dad seems a lot to her and my grandfather (the dad of my dad) always said me I’m so similar to her, because I love the fashion in my way, everything I wear is perfect on me and I have the same her character. We have the same initial and i’m so proud to this, then we were born in the same month. At last, but definitely not least, I can see her, you know, I can see spirits, and i’m so convinced the first i saw passed in front of the door of my room was her! I dreamt her a couple of time in my life, much to my regret i never knew her, and this is such a shame! But I know, one day I can do it!