Ronnie Radke: Free, Sober and Motivated

Ex-Escape The Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke got the gift of FREEDOM this Christmas after spending two years in jail for his involvement in a fight the resulted in the death of an 18 year old.

Photo: Ashley McGuire

And yeah, I know it’s a touchy subject and the comments on this are likely to turn into war of the worlds but I also know it is RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS.


So let us go over some of the highlights of the first interview Ronnie did post-release with Alt Press.

On Fame < Infamy:

“The biggest change is trying to adapt to my surroundings. It’s harder for me, because I’m more famous than before I went to prison. Like, way more. I didn’t realize how famous I got since I went to prison. I got fan letters, but I didn’t realize it blew up like that. I get out, and everywhere I go, it seems like people know either about it or are a big fan.”

On Food:

“Eating food? Oh my God. It’s like an orgasm in my mouth, eating food that’s not prison food.”

On how prison has changed him:

“I have a lot more respect for myself and people around me. I’m not disrespectful, I try to be polite. I’m more polite than I used to be. Inside prison, there’s a lot of stuff you have to follow, or you can literally get killed over stuff so stupid—for bumping into somebody and not saying sorry.”

On misconceptions about prison:

“One misconception [about prison] is [that people get raped]. People don’t get raped in prison anymore. And if they do, it doesn’t happen really often. That was a plus. That’s only in the movies. That’s one thing people don’t know.”

On Escape The Fate now:

“When that was gone [from Escape The Fate], they’re looking at each other, like, “Well, what do we do now? We’ll just let the producer write everything.” When a producer writes everything, it’s not really from the heart anymore. It’s not from [the band’s] heart, at least. You can’t take a singer out of a band that’s already established and put another singer in and dress him up the exact same way and try to pull the veil over these fans’ eyes.”

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He also talks about having enough material for a double album (one pop, one heavy), ex-bestie Max Green and his plans with Falling In Reverse.

Read the entire interview here.

What do you guys think? Is Falling In Reverse poised to surpass Escape The Fate? Not gonna lie, I think ETF 2.0 lost something–and that’s something I’ve seen echoed in fan reviews of the recent album.