First Fifty Questions

1. Have you ever been in central Europe? For example Prague in the Czech Republic? And do you wanna come here sometimes? – Sadly I have never been out of the country 🙁 This year I plan to travel, trying to get over my fear of flying!

2. What is your favorite thing about Hollywood? – Having the ocean and mountains in your backyard, the weather and amazing resturants!

3. Do you have a assistant and do you have a real job? – I have a business partner, “real job”? I work harder then anyone I know 🙂

4. What is something amazing you have been working on besides Tokyolux? – Im relaunching Coco De Coeur and started a Vintage line with my boyfriend, we are doing flea markets and plan to open a store one day! Also I have been working on a coffee table book!

5. Your Favorite Musician and song.. ???? – God I have so many, Im really into soundtracks and my boyfriend DJ’s and has the most amazing french and brazilian music collection!

6. How many pairs of shoes do you own? – about 70? ha!

7. What was your childhood like? I mean, have you always been eccentric and unique like you are today? – I had an amazing childhood! Full of nature and crafts…. My mother would make all my clothing and real life flower crowns. Its funny I look at my life now and its still all nature and crafts, somethings never change!

8. What would your main trends be for winter? – High heel boots, faux fur jackets, shag jackets, feather jackets, leggings, warm cardigans, colorful beanies, leopard gloves…!

9. What is your favourite song of all time? Tom Petty Free Falling, Mazy Star Wild Horses or Counting Crows Mr Jones.

10. Audrey do you have any trick on how to help my hair to grow faster???- B12 vitamins!

11. What are five facts about you that we don’t know yet?- I wont stay in a hotel if it doesn’t have bathtubs in the rooms, I would rather be home than out and about, Im a HUGE movie fan, I have horrible anxiety and OCD, Im a gluten, sugar free vegan.

12. I wanna know how to get my cat to stop pooping in the tub!- I have to keep a few inche of water in it at all times 🙁 ha!

13. Why are you so fascinated with crosses and witchcraft? I don’t have anything against it, I’m just curious. – I have always been a huge fan of physics and tarot cards… I use to have a big problem with bad energys and ghosts. I don’t see them anymore though, thank god. Those things have become relevant in fashion latley so I have fun playing it up!

14. What is your biggest turn-on/turn-off? – Turn on confidence and ambition, Turn off over confidence and lazyness.

15. I was just wondering what specific colours of hairdye are your favourite? – I really like ice blue right now!

16. I know it’s not new years yet, but nevertheless, what would you say is your resolution? Master yoga, have more time for myself, learn to surf, expand my clothing lines, leave the country and hike to the top of the Pasadena mountain!

17. How often do you touch up your roots? – 5 or 6 weeks… when I get lazy I wear hats a lot!

18. What were you like in high school (like what classes did you take, clubs, people hung out with, etc.)? – I was a nerd, then I got really popular and played basketball, travel soccer and lacross… then I got over it and turned punk and had no friends and got kicked out of school…. wow that sounds insane.

19. Anyhow, what do you do to keep your hair healthy? – Hot oil treatments and Ojon leave in cremes.

20. Favorite healthy snack? – rice chips and hummus!

21. How do you keep your hair color to stay the longest? – I put pink dye in my conditioner.

22. If you had to choose would you rather measure things in nautical miles or fractions of light years? – Im not sure what either of those mean 🙁

23. What is your best advice on starting your own clothing line? – Make a 6 month goal sheet and stay true to yourself.

24. Did you make that colorful Gold Fringe bag or did you buy it? – I made it! I got the bag for a dollar in SF at a flea market then I put all the fringe on it!

25. Hey Audrey, i was just wondering, where do you get the inspiration for your photos?? – Movies, music, magazines!

26. if you could meet anyone, alive or not, who would it bed and why? – I can never answer this question, I don’t know why.

27. If you could ask God one question, what would it be a question? – I beleive in the universe 🙂

28. If you don’t mind you know the t-shirt dresses can you wear them with tights or are they too short to wear with tights i know you have tights on in some of the pictures but i was’nt sure if that was because you had a larger size on ?? – No they are oversized im wearing a small!

29. when in life you feel like youve hit rock bottom how do you recover? – Once you hit rock bottom the only place to go is up 🙂

30. You always look so amazing! Do you have a special diet? – Gluten free, sugar free and vegan!

31. What’s your favorite MAC everyday lipstick?- Snob

32. Would you ever consider a shoot with an ambitious photographer-in-training (me)?- Possibly 🙂

33. Im going on a roadtrip through california this summer, are there any places i should definitely stop at?- Real Food Daily, Pop Killer, Tapanga Canyon hikes and Hidden Treasure Vintage!

34. Do u want children ? when ? – Yes! Maybe 7 years from now?

35. I want to know what do you do when you see ex-friends or ex-boyfriends of yours at the same event or same place you are at? do you ignore and pretend to don’t see them? – It doesnt happen very often but when it does…. they normally leave once they know I am there haha!

36. I know your a Courtney love fan like myself so what is your Favorite Hole song? – Doll Parts xo

37. What’s your favourite trend at the moment? – Im not huge on trends but I love the Lita chunky heels!

38. I i remember you mentioned a long time ago that you went to an aveda institute for cosmetology? if that’s correct then tell me how your experience was there and was it a good school? would you reccommend it to anyone? – I learned so much, It was a good school but everyone who worked there was so rude to me because of the way I looked.

39. This isn’t really a question, but I think you should do an event in San Francisco/Berkeley to promote Tokyolux or Coco De Coeur.- I LOVE SF!

40. I remember you made a video with swifty from Youtube I’ve always wondered: how did you guys meet & if you are still in contact with him? – We both worked on a Netflix job together, yes we hang out sometimes!

41. When are you going to do more D.I.Y? – This week! I will try to do them once a week… I hav been so busy 🙁

42. What do you think is the best way to get over a break up? – Delete the phone number, twitter account, unfriend them everywhere, get rid of photos …. out of sight out of mind. And NO LURKING!

43. Where’d you get those pink leopard ankle booties from your Tokyo Lux shoot? =] – Solestruck!

44. Do you regret your fame? – I don’t think im famous…

45. Who is the most important person in your life and why? – My mom, she doesn’t judge me and stuck by me through everything… and I use to be BAD ha!

46. What would you say if i told you you were my main inspiration while growing up and you helped me accepting myself as a different looking person. – Wow thank you! 🙂

47. Do you think you’ll ever make a line for a major store? You know like Forever 21 or something like that? – Only if they let me stay true to myself!

48. I’ll be kind of selfish and ask, what are your thoughts about Australia?! Haha, as an Aussie I found your use of our flag in a shoot very awesome. – I want to go visit so bad! My cousin lives there and gave me it when he visited!

49. Audrey! I can honestly say I have been your most biggest ‘fan’ for all of my teenage years. Now that I am 18 and heading to college, I am headed into Fashion Marketing. I just want your advice of how to make it big into the fashion career, you seem like you have it all. – Wow thank you, Stay true to yourself, work really hard, work for free in the beginning and be prepared to fail and have people tell you no…. if you work through it and don’t give up you will succed!

50. How much of your hair is extensions in most photos? – My real hair is a little past my shoulders!

Fifty more on the way!