Dear angel… #3 – Love me or kill me

December 31st, 2010

Dear angel,

also this 2010 is finishing, and I’m here to think about all our moments together in this 2010, I’ll never forget our first meet! You were there, and I arrived to you and you understood everything, our looks, your smiles, and our beats of heart, a magic moment!

I wish this 2011 can be the year of our final meet, where we can be stay together forever, I miss you so much and sometimes it’s hard also only breathe, you are always with me, I know, and I’m always with you, that is true! But we need each other and it’s not life if you live so far…

I can feel you everyday, and in those last days you aren’t so happy, I feel I miss to you too, and you need to have me near to you, but I promise, I’ll be there soon! If you are sad, think to our meet, to what happened in those magic moments and how good we were, think to my smile and to the words my heart said to yours.

I’ll fight for can stay with you! And I know you are fighting too!

Even if we could stay together only one day, it will be the best day of our life!

You’re the sun and I’m the moon

Love you so much, my reason of life

Always yours,