Christian Dior Snow Bunny

Jacket: Vintage, Hat: Christian Dior from the 80s, Dress: Tokyolux, Necklace: Tokyolux, Sunglasses: Vintage, Tights: Forever21, Shoes: Lita, Bag: Made by me

It was the first snow fall today in Philly. It sounds magical but to be honest I was forty minutes outside the city scouring suburban thrift stores when it hit. It took three hours to drive twenty miles home because of ice roads and traffic. I must admit though, the pink crochet bell bottoms I found might have been well worth it. The streets are overflowing with kids hoping to meet santa on his rainbow light firetruck weaving in and out of the neighborhood. I am home, warm and exhausted with a cup of tea and nowhere to go. Snow storms do have their advantages.