Join our Daily Music Dose Group And Share All The Music You Love!

Buzznet loves music. At any given time, someone in our office has their headphones on, pretending that the rest of the world doesn’t exist while looking for photos of cats on the Internet. Ok ok, that’s probably just me. I always have my earphones crammed into my ear hole as some German electro band plays on.

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You probably love music more than me because I am but a shallow husk of a man, incapable of loving. You probably know about way cooler music than I do because I am out of touch with reality and listen to a lot of Brian Eno these days. I am old and curmudgeonly and stuck in mai wayz.

This is where you come in. If you have a passion for finding new music or just sharing with us some of your favorites, is The Daily Music Dose Group for you!

It’s time for you dust off your writing skills and GET CRAZY. The DMD Group is all about sharing your favorite music with the rest of us.

SimplKindOfLovely + Steel Train = TRULUV

All you have to do is join the group and check out the following schedule for write ups. Pick a date and write about the music you love. Sany83, Internet Prowler and Wrangler of DMD Group is available to help you out. In the DMD forums, you can check out how your posts should be written, claim dates, and claim bands to write about. Check it out!

Fake Problems, as snapped by HearYouMe

How to post to the Daily Music Dose – OMG A JOURNAL!

Claim some dates and bands here.

We look forward to featuring the music you love on Buzznet!

Go join this rad group and start checking out all the music you’ve been missing!


=^..=^El Rich

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