Pizza Party.

We had our first bad experience with ordering in pizza last night!

Yeah, it got to about 7:30 & my dad decided that pizza was necessary since we had nothing else to eat in the house, and pizza is the king of nomz. So he got on the phone, ordered what we wanted, and got the “yep, that’ll be with you in about 30 minutes SIR.” as they say, like it’s a military operation.

30 minutes later, the doorbell goes, dad pays for the pizza and brings up the food. THERE WAS AN EXTRA BOX. dun dun duuuunnn. my dad’s exact words were, “we’ve inherited something,” as if this mysterious box had been handed down from generation to generation. What was in said mysterious box? Could it be the delicious potato wedges that sometimes come with the pizza?

Turned out it was only garlic bread, but that’s alright. Dad and I are big fans of garlic bread. All was well. Until we went to eat the pizza. Both of the boxes contained one of THESE BEASTS

THAT THERE IS A PEPPERONI PIZZA. Now, bearing in mind I’m aiming to become a full time veggie by this time next year, this is not a great start. Besides, I don’t even like pepperoni. So on the phone my father went, ranting and raving about the wrong order blah blah blah. I felt quite mellow throughout it all; I actually found it rather amusing.

10 minutes later, someone arrived with the correct pizzas and went off on their way to bear happiness to all that have ordered the marvellousness that is pizza. Dad came running up the stairs, his voice as high as that of a five-year-olds, muttering something I didn’t quite get. Upon bringing the right pizzas into the room, Dad projected his voice into a more understandable manner. “THEY DIDN’T PICK UP THE OTHER TWO PIZZAS! HEH HEH HEH!” So, we had 4 pizzas and a garlic bread. Now, I’m not ashamed of saying that we always order large whenever we get pizza since we like to eat. But I can only just finish one pizza, let alone 2. Anyhoo, we dug in to our correct pizzas and free garlic bread when the door went again.

More pizza, ladies and jellybeans.

It seems that whoever Dad rang the first time about getting the wrong order, had made his minions prepare another order for us and send it out. What’s more, they still didn’t ask for the pepperoni ones back. I think even my Dad now knew that even he couldn’t deal with another two pizzas, and returned the pepperoni ones. We were still 2 pizzas up… and that free garlic bread.

They’re still in the fridge. Waiting to be eaten cold, because we’re rather odd like that.

Who else has had a problem similar to this?

L xoxo