QOTD – Who Do You Trust With Your Secrets?

Last night, I was watching Netflix Instant (which, by the way, is like, the greatest thing evs) and I decided to watch La Mission. This movie is about a very traditional Mexican American father that has to come to terms with his son being gay.

Press image courtesy of – LaMissionMovie.com

There was a part in the film where the father, Che (Benjamin Bratt), was told by his neighbour, Lena (Erika Alexander), that she knew what it was like to have “a secret.”

Lena then went on to say that “if there ever was a time that his son needed him (Che), that time was now.”

This made me wonder, “Who do I trust with my secrets?” The answer to that would probably be my good friends that have been there for me no matter what. I do, however, remember a time when I didn’t have people like that around and I felt really isolated and alone. This film made me think about that time and I’m glad that portion of my life is over.

This sounds like a QOTD I’ve done before so if it’s a repeat, OMG LET ME KNOW. Anyway, it’s your turn. Who do you trust with your secrtes?