As Promised, Lady Gaga Celebrates New Album Title With a Tattoo

Lady Gaga promised a few months back that she would get a tattoo with the title of her upcoming album. And apparently, after winning 8 MTV VMAs and announcing the title of the album as Born This Way, she felt like getting some ink.

The singer was photographed at the airport on Monday and several shots clearly show the new tattoo. And, of course, because this is Lady Gaga, this isn’t just the words “Born This Way.” Oh no.


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Here’s a closer look at it:

You know, folks, Lady Gaga is about the only other celebrity I can think of who could go out and get a unicorn tattoo and I would react with “Well, obviously!” rather than eye rolling. Seriously.

(Serious bonus points to anyone who can name the other celebrity on that list.)

So what do you guys think? Like? Dislike? Already vibrating in anticipation of Born This Way?