Be Part of the Buzznet VMA Scorecard!

The MTV VMAs are almost upon us. Airing live on September 12th, the show will once again celebrate the best in the year’s music videos as picked by the fans.

Of course, even if the videos are picked by the fans, it can sometimes be a little hard to guess how the fans will vote. So it still tends to be anyone’s guess who will walk away with a brand spanking new moonman.

Well, this year, Buzznet is having a little fun with that. We’re asking Buzznet users to vote for who they think will win in 10 different VMA categories. We’ll use the results to compile a Buzznet VMA Scorecard. Then on September 13th, the day after the show, we’ll see how close Buzznet’s results were to MTV’s results, and then either pat ourselves on the back for our choices or figure out why Buzznet’s choices were obviously better than who really won.

A new poll will be going up every weekday from now until September 10th and voting will last until an hour before the show. Then, on the 12th, you can join me for the Buzznet VMA Liveblog, where we can celebrate, snark and make a lot of “I’M GONNA LET U FINISH!” jokes.