Justin Beiber 3-D Biopic Will Star…Justin Beiber

So, somewhere, someone found a magic lamp with a genie in it. And they rubbed the lamp and got three wishes. And those wishes were:

“I wish for a Justin Bieber Biopic…

…starring Justin Bieber…

…IN 3-D.”

And that genie, bless its heart, granted that wish.

I’m not joking. Well, I am about the genie part. Apparently, Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar winning director of An Inconvienient Truth is set to direct Bieber, playing Bieber, in a film about Bieber, in 3-D, to be released on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Who says romance is dead?

Now, is it just me, or is making a biopic about a 16 year old kid, who’s only been famous for about a year or so, a little premature? Is Hollywood choosing what movies to make based on Twitter trending topics?