Buzznet Original: KRON

Mostly, as you all know, we do not make OG’s of people that ask for an OG badge. This time, this one time, however, we will make an exception. If you guise don’t know who Kron is, you missed out. She worked here at the Buzznets for a while but has since moved on to greener pastures in her search for enlightenment and self awesumness.

Karen was in charge of all things Contest and Magical. She plays a mean game of Scattergories, is a wizard at arts and crafts, and does kick ass VISION BOARDS.

She isn’t being an OG because she’s worked here for EONS but because she’s done a whole bunch of cool stuff like came up with awesome galleries like WHO PLAYED THE BETTER MOM? & she’s taken tons of pics of bands with her trusty hand held point and shoot camera.

Follow her skullduggery on Twitter – @ForTheRecord

Here’s to you, Karen Hart, and all of your magical fuzzy awesomeness. We <3 u bb! Oh and it’s about time you were made an OG. Yay!