QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why Do People Take the Internet so SRSLY?

I wasn’t going to post about this AT ALL, EVER, because not only is it HORRIBLE but I wanted to shield you all from the ills of the internet. Chances are, you’ve heard about this now, as it’s already EVERYWHERE and it’s even on Good Morning America or something.

So, if you haven’t heard about this most crazy internet drama, read about it here. For the LoLz, watch this video –

It’s probably not funny but what the heck, IT KIND OF IS.

Buzznet is no stranger to the Drama Llama meandering over to our side of the yard and leaving a hot dookie on the lawn. OMG I WONT EVEN GET INTO THIS but it happens. Most of the time it’s just LoLz but then it’s just sad because mostly it’s older people that you think would have more sense but apparently not.

I get that people LOVE THE INTERNET but I mean really now COME ON. How does this happen? Why do people take the internet so srsly? Then again, this is coming from the guy that likes to use the internet to look up photos of cats and has things like “furries, I’m A Shark, and ghey” in his search history.

Your thoughts?