Ariel Pink Astrally Crashes Random Wedding Video, Upstages Uncle Shlomo

I don’t pretend that I could ever really comprehend the multitude levels of nuance and pith contained in this Ariel Pinks’ Haunted Graffiti music video (or for that matter, in anything Ariel Pink does) but nevertheless I find it fascinating. Upon repeated views I have been able to glean the following: Pink apparently hijacked some happy Jewish couple’s sort of contrived wedding (walking on the Santa Monica beach at sunset is a touch banal) then used 1994 technology to superimpose himself wearing ridiculous sunglasses into their lives repeatedly singing the words “mistaken wedding.” This might be a little off-base, but I think he’s speaking to the intrinsic loneliness of humanity which has become the crux of our existance and the underlying misery that has arisen in this age of ruthless of capitalism and the soulless internet. Or maybe he’s just trying to be funny.