You’re All Invited to the MTV Gifting Suite

Have you ever wondered what its like to go to a big celebrity event. On Saturday I’m going to sneak off to the rooftop of the London Hotel for the GBK MTV Movie Awards Luxury Lounge. Its beautiful up there. You can see all of LA.

I have a special invitation for you guys to come inside, and watch the whole thing live. I think you’ll even be able to chat with some of the celebrities there and ask them questions.

GO HERE NOW to receive your personal invitation and then log on this Friday and Saturday, June 4th and 5th, 2010 from 11:00am – 7:00pm to catch everything going on at the Luxury Lounge.

You’ll be able to watch everything, chat with some of your favorite celebrities live, and even watch Katherine McPhee perform.

You can also ENTER HERE to win one of the HUGE swag bags from the lounge just like the one I’ll be getting filled with $5,000 worth of stuff!!! Seriously, this bag is way bigger than me.

I’ll be there at noon PT on Saturday, so be sure to get your invitation and come say hi! I hear be lots of goodies there but I’m probably most excited for Hard Candy. Love Love Love Hard Candy. I use to collect them when I was in middle school and wear the jelly rings out.