Facebook Group of the Week: VILF Studfarm

This week’s featured facebook group was actually chosen in celebration of the new season of True Blood premiering on HBO. Yes, that’s right, Sookie Stackhouse and the gang are back for another season of sex, drugs and fake blood.

Oh, fake blood. You scare me like the real thing. And if you were the real thing? You’d scare me more.

Anyway, let’s face it, vampires are still so very, very hot right now. Between True Blood’s return and THAT VAMPIRE MOVIE, starring these relatively good looking people, premiering at the end of the month, girls…and boys…are all suddenly finding themselves more than ready to identify as “fangbangers.” We know that American Pie introduced us to the term “MILF” or “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.” So what’s a “VILF?”

“Vampire I’d Like to Fuck.” Obviously.

And hey, I’m not going to pretend to I don’t have a list of my own!

…dammit, Jared Leto, what are you doing here? I don’t care what you claim during your stage banter, you are not really a vampire.

But you can stay. I’m GIVING like that.

Anyway, the only issue to be had with the group is their claim to “use vampires for breeding purposes.” Vampires don’t breed, really. They infect. Most mythologies, even with pop culture vampires, don’t allow for the pitter patter of tiny vampire baby feet. And if one DOES happen to exist, well…it’s not a good thing (see also: Darla and Angel’s son Connor, Bella Cullen’s own personal adorable chestburster).

So, I’ll be passing on the vampire pregnancy. But, seriously, BRING ON THE BITING.

VILF Studfarm on Facebook.