Boozle: Vegas and Californiaaaaa

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Sooo I’m a little behind but since our bus has embarked on a excruciatingly long journey to Kansas City, now is the time for retelling.

Vegas–although we had time off there–was kind of a bum out for me because I was sick. No partying, only a little thrift store shopping and some chilling by the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. The actual show day was p-retty laid back, it being indoors and all. All the tents were set up in a different room than the stage, so with less people, band dudes milled around more freely. Jack was in our tent for awhile, and Alex messed with our bubble machine.

From Vegas we went to San Fran and did a show at the Regency. We met the lovely Paulaztnew and I totally rocked the eff out for Good Charlotte that night. It was kind of a cool re-scheduling because it was my sisters birthday and she lives in SF….annnnd one of GC’s new songs that they’ve been playing is “Like It’s Her Birthday.” Perfect, no? Us and the Juicebox dudes went out to Mel’s diner afterward. I recommend it.

From Vegas we went to Bakersfield because some of the Boozle bands were tacked on to the Rockin’ Roots Festival. Not our scene at all, so we didn’t set up, just prepped for the next day’s interviews.

Yesterday was in LA at the Palladium–I did FIVE interviews (FTSK, The Ready Set, ATL, Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls). They should be up be the end of next week, but let me just say that Martin almost made me cry with a story he told, and Benji asked me if I danced on tables. WHAT? I know, you’ll just have to wait…

After packing up the big ‘ol track–with help from Austin and Kyle from FTSK, we rolled out to Angels and Kings. Totes had a heart to heart with Austin about life ambitions and I think at some point I was sitting next to Craig Mabbit. Not sure, cause it was dark, but yeah. Someone yanked on my purse as I was making my way outside so I backpedaled and found out it was Alex. I sat down and we ended up having this therapeutic venting sesh–which I’m pretty sure led to this tweet:

Maybe I remember it wrong because I had a couple drinks, but I’m pretty sure he was the one giving me advice. Anyway.

So now were on our way to Kansas City… I think we get there sometime in the middle of the night, but we have tomorrow off. Hopefully I can edit together some silly flipcam videos we’ve taken (they only work on Emily’s computer) and produce a montage to go along with the blogs and photos weve been throwin’ at ya.That’s all for now, bros–until next time…