D.I.Y. MJ’s Tribute Shirt

In occasion of Mothers Day, I thought to make a special gift for my unique mum, a tshirt with her myth (and I think a myth for all of us) Michael Jackson, and for that reason I decided to do a D.I.Y. journal for inspire you in your personal MJ’s tribute shirt.


– a shirt (of the colour if you want, that i used is a white one)

– colours for cloth (i use “DEKA Permanent” colours and “DEKA Metallic” colours)

For this shirt I used:

° Deka Permanent: Black (Schwartz 20-90)

° Deka Metallic: Mettalic Silver (21-96)

° Deka Permanent: Blue (Azur 20-47)

° Deka Permanent: Sand (20-76)

° Deka Permanent: Dark Brown (Dunkelbraun 20-85)

° Deka Permanent: Green (Grün 20-64)

– brushes

– sponges

– cardboards

– plates

– pencil


In a piece of paper, draw the silhouette of Michael and then cut it and fix it with little pieces of scotch on the shirt.

Put inside the shirt a cardboard for don’t stain the shirt when you spread the colour.


In a plate put the black colour, dip the sponge in it and throw away the colour in surplus and start to push the sponge up and down on the silhouette.

Repeat the process for the whole silhouette.

IMPORTANT: every shirt is different so for some of them you must repeat 2 or 3 times the process of push up and down with the colour, because while the colour is drying, can appear white parts.


One time finished the silhouette, take away the paper with the silhouette.

When the black colour is dry, for give a touch of light to the silhouette, with a brushes spread a couple of reflects of silver colour.

Then trace a drawing of the world with a pencil and then start to draw the continents and the sea with the brushes.


One time finished the world and the phrase, leave to dry the colours.

Do the ironing at the opposite or the back of the shirt for fix the colour for 3 minutes. The temperature must be very hot.

Wash until 60°C.

And tadan!


What is your gift for your mum?!