Boozle: West Palm Beach

Reblogged from Buzznet On The Bamboozle Roadshow

Yesterday The Boozle was in West Palm Beach. We left our hotel at 7am and I couldn’t get back to sleep on the bus before load in time. It was humid as a mo fo and it started POURING a few hours into the show.

But that’s how we met our new friends Brianna and Rachel… who chilled with us ALL DAY.

We decorated our table and kids started signing it.

This local radio personality called BATNAILS was there… he was a trip. This is him with our new buddy Rachel.

We ate lunch with Caleb from FTSK, who is super nice. In case you’re curious, lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches.

Let me tell you about THIS guy–Ray Sipe. You might recognize him because he posts videos on Buzznet. I asked him about it and he goes, “Oh I post on about 40 social networking sites. I have an application that sends it out.”


We didn’t get to hear much music because the main stage and side stage were pretty close together.

We DID get to hang out with the Hooliguns puppies who visited the tour. Their names were Empire and Bronx. Here’s my busmate Nicole stealing Empire:

I INTENDED to watch All Time Low after we broke down our tent, but they were having some audio problems.

We tried to meet more people yesterday, since we had a later bus call. Among them were Jonathan from FTSK

Just chillin’ with my busmate Chloe who reps TWLOHA.

We really love our bus crew. We already have like 45 inside jokes.

And on a final note…