Boozle: Helloooo Houston and Arlington

Houston was a glorious indoor venue with no second stage. We had a perfect view of the ENTIRE show. I love Cartel so hard. They only have one more day left on this tour! Good Charlotte played a new song:

Everyone freaked the eff out because Hanson FINALLY played “Mmm Bop” after a week and a half on the tour.

I don’t really care for that song, it’s just the only one I know. Despite my disinterest in them, they were still the highlight of SOMEone’s day–specifically my busmates. They danced and ate ice cream with Hanson at 1am.

No really, it happened: Read about it. Watch the videos.

I met Enoma from a local band called Otenki that you should def check out. Thanks to Deborah & Jacqueline who took some pictures of US!

Today’s shebang was at Six Flags in Arlington. I’m not totally a fan of these shows inside amusement parks. Just sayin’.

I have a big fat bee sting on my arm and we all had to move our tents from their original set up location because there were SNAKES. Eeek!

Zack came to our tent before he bolted off to Whole Foods.

I think I’m starting to get sick. My throat hurts! Might have to turn it in early this evening. That’s what I get for partying like a rock star.