Warped Tour Press Conference with Taylor Momsen

Photo: Emily Ledbetter

Friday was the Warped Kick off party press conference at the Key Club in Hollywood. I stopped by to give Taylor Momsen a gift bag of my accessories. When we arrived we headed to the basement where it was pitch black other then a tiny red light. There were over 100 people crammed into this tiny room that felt like it was a hundred degrees. A bunch of the bands were squeezed on a tiny stage as photographers fought over getting the perfect photo. When it all calmed down I met up with Taylor to give her the bag. Her outfit was super cute and casual, although she was indeed sporting the infamous garter belt and thigh highs later that night that gets everyone all wound up because of her age.

Apparently little Jenny won’t be appearing on Gossip Girl very much next season. What do you guys think about that?